Sunday, August 10, 2008

Could Cobol make a comeback?

While not hardware related, I thought this article on about the possibility of Cobol making a come backpretty interesting.

It's nice to think that some of the 90K or so Cobol programmers out there may find their skill in need.

Now wouldn't it be nice if there was a need for TRS80 Basic programming skills?


Anonymous said...

Now that (in the Slashdot article) was a prime example of a throw-away line if ever I read one.

There's probably almost as much chance that TRS-80 Basic programming skills will be in demand as there will be a COBOL revival.

FWIW I did one of my uni COBOL assignments on my Model 4P using RS-COBOL - imagine what I'm worth!!! :O ;)

MIBA51 said...

Well Mark, on some Fiber Channel switches I used to work on, the author of the macro scripting syntax was described as being "similar to that of TRS-80 Basic" and it was.

I'm not saying that TRS Basic will make a comeback, but the syntax and structure are good enough to still be in use today.

As for the Slashdot article, hey!, I needed something to post here and it seemed relevant. I'll try and dig up some more articles to post here, and maybe write one or two myself.

If you ever want to write an article for this blog, just let me know. I would appreciate it.



Brian said...


What type of articles are you looking for? Anything 8bit related? Articles comparing features of the different 8 bitters (so long as no flames wars start)? I had started an article last year for CoCoNutz comparing the CoCO3 and Ti-99-4/A.

Originally just started out as a comparison between speech synths between the two, but, kinda grew out of that. Never did send it to Mary due to how sporatic things were with the publishing...

MIBA51 said...


As long as it isn't a flaming rant any article about 8-bit computing, is fine. Your CoCo 3 / Ti-99-4/A article sounds great. You can get my email address off the list and we can discuss this more off line.

Oh, and in defense of the CoCoNuts Newsletter, out of necessity the schedule needs to flex a little due to people having lives outside of the CoCo.