Friday, September 19, 2008

More news on Cobol!

As a follow up to a previous posting I thought I would note that Dr Dobb's has an interesting article on Cobol:

Is Your Next Language COBOL?

There's hope for us retro-geeks still!

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Unknown said...

Short of a very brief mention in my computer programming schooling back in the 80s, I never had a chance to do anything with Cobol - even then, I remember, it was touted as something passé favored instead by the new geek tools like Paradox and even DBase whatever-level was 'hot' then. I did nothing with these others neither sticking to TRS-80 and CoCo Basic and CoCo ML programming throughout college :-)

It is good to see these news on Cobol though, a reminder that no tool is ever obsolete. I am going to drop this bombshell on my systems programmers coworkers (Visual Basic freaks) and see what their reaction is!