Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amazing video of a large vintage computer collection

Update 05/18/09: Steve just left a comment stating that the Color Computer 1 is not actually black, but it just looks that way due to the lighting ~ Jim

Original Post:

This is just an incredible video of a very large collection of vintage computers and gaming systems. For all you Radio Shack Color Computer collectors take a look at the black Color Computer 1.

Here is the URL for Steve Benway's site:

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Benway said...

Hi and thanks for the link.
Now, I really don't wish to disappoint you, but that CoCo 1 isn't actually black... it's just the usual silver/grey model. It was just very poor lighting that made it look that way.

MIBA51 said...

Hi Steve! Thanks for confirming that that it is not a black CoCo.

Several other CoCoNuts also suggested that it wasn't black. I made the incorrect assumption that it had been painted black. I will add a update to the entry to avoid further confusion.

Thanks for swinging by, and please feel free to send any news you have this way. Also, if you are on Linkedin, then feel free to join the 8-Bit retro group.