Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OS News: 8-Bit Game Creator Now Available for Order

I just caught this posting over at OS News, thought many of you would be interested in it: 8-Bit Game Creator Now Available for Order.

The system is from Playpower.org, is available from MakerShed for $49.99, and comes with:
  • 6502 processor,
  • Keyboard, and mouse,
  • 2 game controllers,
  • Operating system cartridge -
  • RCA cables (NTSC video and stereo audio)
  • 9 volt power supply
  • You can also get an adapter for your NES cartridges
At a glance I couldn't see anything about how much memory comes with the system. I did notice that the OS cartridge comes with a GUI in Mandarin Chinese, but fortunately has an DOS prompt in English. Maybe someone will come up with an Englsih version of the GUI in the near future, but then again for me working with a command line is a blast!

It looks like a great little system, and if I were current working and not worried about saving my pennies I would consider getting one.

Take a look at the Playpower.org site. I like the organization's philosophy of getting low cost systems into the hands of kids that provide them enough resources to encourage them to explore computing.

Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment if you know more about this system ~ Jim

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