Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recollectionware: The AMIGO computer (not to be confused with the AMIGA computer)

OK, I need some help from the readers of this blog. About the time I was getting out of college (1982) I remember reading an article in one of the computer magazines about a new computer coming out called the AMIGO (not to be confused with the AMIGA computer).

It was supposed to be a modular systems with a backplane that would allow users to run software from various other computer systems by the use of plug in cards which had different processors on them.

For example if you wanted to run TRS-80 software on your AMIGO you would plug in a Z-80 card that not only had the Z-80 processor but also sockets for TRS-80 ROM. There was also supposed to be a 6502 card for the Apple II.

I vaguely remember visiting a local store that was supposed to have one, but I cannot remember if there was one at the store of if it was "on order" (read vaporware).

Does anyone know if the AMIGO computer was ever built, or if it was just vaporware. If it was built, does anyone have one in there collection and would they be willing to provide a photo I can post on the blog?

Drop me a line or leave me a comment if you have any information about this 80's era computer.


Jim Cox
PS: If you are asking what the Hell is "Recollectionware", well it's that memory of some technology from the past that sticks in the back of your mind and not only drives you nuts, but drives your friends and coworkers nuts because you are constantly asking them about it, and their memory is worse than yours.

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Have you seen (via

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